• Research & Development
    at Masoom Granule
    In the Research & Development Department with
    a view to meeting the customers’ requirements
    to new products.
  • Auto Industry
    soft T.P.E and P.V.C.
    One of major applications of soft T.P.E and P.V.C.
    is the automotive industry. Many of
    the automotive accessory parts made of
    soft T.P.E and P.V.C. are manufactured by injection,
    extrusion or slush molding.
  • P.V.C. Granules
    On account of the consumers’ needs to
    various P.V.C. and T.P.E. granules used in
    the medical industry to manufacture
    disposable articles and the intense dependency
    of the above-mentioned industry to the
    imports of medical-grade P.V.C.