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Reinforced Engineering & PP Plastics

Polypropylene is one of the major plastics which is ranked third among the polyolefins in terms of the consumption volume. Polypropylene is synthesized through the polymerization of extra pure propylene gas recycled from gases produced in olefin manufacturing units and oil refineries. Polypropylene is endowed with excellent electrical, insulating and moisture-proofing properties.

In practice polypropylene is compounded and combined with different minerals such as calcium carbonate, talcum powder or other compounds such as EPDM and fiberglass to improve its physical properties, thermal and impact resistance, flexibility, forming ability, ease of processing ability, and resistance to atmospheric conditions and cold weather.

With a view to supplying products with premium quality competitive with the foreign ones, Granule Massoum has embarked on manufacturing and supplying various types of reinforced polypropylene with different mechanical properties and in various colors. These granules are mainly used in automotive, home appliances and sanitary ware industries.

One of the state-of-the-art technologies introduced by Granule Massoum Co. is the manufacture of PP granule reinforce with polypropylene nanocomposites (Organocaly) which not only produces polypropylene with quite scratch-proof and polished surface buth the yield is boosted approximately 20%. This compound has found versatile and considerable applications in automotive industry.

Some of products manufactured by Granule Massoum Co. using PP reinforced granules follow:

  • 1
  • PP reinforced with calcium carbonate (from 5 to 70%) in varius colors
  • 2
  • PP reinforced with talcum (from 5 to 60%) in various colors
  • 3
  • PP reinforced with fiber glass (from 5 to 30%) in various colors
  • 4
  • PP reinforced with EPDM (from 5 to 40%) in various colors
  • 5
  • PP reinforced with polypropylene nanocomposites (Organocaly) with outstanding resistance to scratch