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Manufacturing Sections Used in Different Industries

With a view to combining science, modern technology and art, Granule Massoum has become one of the leading domestic manufacturers which has do its utmost to supply various types of sections, profiles, gaskets and hoses for different purposes combining the applicability with esthetics. On account of the fact that Granule Massoum is itself a manufacturer of polymer raw materials and granules, it is capable of supplying sections, profiles, gaskets & hoses with more economical prices.
Granule Massoum is in the position of manufacturing various types of uni- and multi-component sections, profiles, hoses, etc in different materials (soft and rigid P.V.C., PP, PE, etc) backed with the state-of-the-art technology. Furthermore, it is capable of manufacturing and supplying various types of gaskets, sections, profiles, hoses, wire strand cover, etc with the best possible quality geared to the requirements of different industries including automotive industry, home appliances, shop equipment, electrical spare parts, hospital equipment, military, industrial, ornamental products, etc.
One of the recent achievements of Granule Massoum Co. is the introduction of anti-ageing compounds and nano-polymers in its products whereby the manufactured sections will not require painting and are presented with even and polished internal and external surfaces.